ShareFile Review

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ShareFile is an easy and easy to use web based file storage and sharing service. Users can organize all their files and folders using a folder composition. They can add favorites and shared directories to their My personal Files and Folders, and can also email or send out links for their files. When they have uploaded a file, they will send that to others by clicking on a button or dragging it onto the ShareFile program. The user can even choose to publish the document with multiple recipients.

ShareFile’s interface can be streamlined and intuitive. It includes six standard menus: Deal with Users, Demand, Admin, Adjustments, Apps, and Help. These menus make it easy to travel through the interface. The course-plotting bar is extremely convenient, and it has a site map that explains the several types of operations. Using the sitemap and uploading functions of your ShareFile request can help you figure out the patterns of sharing and uploading files.

ShareFile works with with RightSignature, an e-signing program. While this service requires a separate membership (from $11 to $99 per month), the support offers advanced security and an outstanding sharing experience. It is compatible with Word, Excel, and also other document management devices. It can also incorporate with ScanSnap scanners and Worldox. ScanSnap users may also scan files directly to ShareFile.